We propose to you deliver turnkey, with a responsive theme and you are 100% owner of your site (no commitment or hidden fees thereafter).

Connect with suppliers as CdiscountPro, BigBuy, Sifam, BrandDistribution, Ingram Micro, etc ... dropshipping without any computer knowledge.

Import their catalog, automatically update your stocks with our connectors without any effort!

Rich catalogs in several areas, with thousands of products!

Content of the offer to 1199 € HT:


Le site vous sera livré installé est fonctionnel pour commencé à vendre immédiatement. Il comprendra :

  • Un hébergement
  • Un domaine
  • Un thème graphique
  • Paypal/chèque installé
  • Le module de dropshipping
  • Une administration pour gérer votre site

The module :

The site will be delivered to installed is functional started selling immediately. It will include:

  • Accommodation
  • A domain
  • Graphic theme
  • Paypal / check installed
  • Dropshipping module
  • An administration to manage your site

Advantage of our module:

Dropshipping module offers several key features including:

  •     Automatic integration of the products in your store without having to make any effort (Ability to import all, by category, by product)
  •     Matching categories with your suppliers possible to avoid duplication
  •     The automatic update inventory and rates through cron / task planned (excluding inventories over sales worries because no update)
  •     The rise in orders to suppliers (automatic or validation)
  •     On your package tracking number is entered in orders without making the

Increased efficiency of your customer relationship:

  •     Inventories of products are updated to the frequency you want - and no command to cancel for lack of stock
  •     Products out of the catalog will be automatically deleted from your shop (configurable option)
  •     Products out of the catalog stocks will be automatically disabled in your shop (configurable option)
  •     Products with the stocks will be automatically reactivated if disabled in your shop (configurable option)

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your disposal.