Drop-shipping what is it?

DropShipping is a sales method that involves selling products directly from the supplier to your customers without having to manage inventory or advance cash.

You are therefore a full-fledged salesperson or merchant, avoiding enormous constraints.

She has been in the United States for more than 10 years and has been in France for more than 5 years and is growing steadily.

What is the difference between a "traditional" sale and a drop shipping?

Normally, a trader must buy products to have a stock and be able to sell it.

So you have to move cash to create your stock, take the risk that the product is never sold, outdated, broken, etc ... and you must have the space to store it.

The drop-shipping will therefore allow you to achieve sales without having to have advanced cash and therefore greatly limit your risks. So anyone can open an online store in dropshipping

Which vendors accept this method of selling sales in DropShipping

More and more providers are offering dropshipping, there are generalists who only do that (BigBuy, Cdiscount, NetAppro, ...) and specialists in a field (Sifam for the motorcycle, Wall2time in design furniture, Probill in the Computer science, etc.).

You are therefore spoiled for choice, and in a few clicks will find the call.

Who does that between the supplier, the customer and me?

As a DropShipper, after selecting your or your provider in dropshipping, you are going to have to put up for sale products from your wholesaler. Once a customer has ordered from your online store, you will place your order with your supplier. So your supplier will deliver your customer directly.

Your customer will think you have ordered from you, and on your side you only pay your supplier on the product he ordered, so no cash advance to be expected.

We offer dropshipping modules to automate the creation of products, updating stocks, sending orders ...

What should you do to sell in Dropshipping?

First you will need to set up an online store. We recommend setting up a Prestashop shop with a dropshipping module. Thus you will have a turnkey, functional and easy to use shop connected to the main drops shipper of the market.

You are interested in starting to install the Paypal module, so that you can easily cash in your transactions.

Dropshipping : Legal in France?

Dropshipping is perfectly legal in France, but you will all have the same approach:

- you declare as a company or as a self-employed company
- you declare to the CNIL
- Create a Paypal account
- find your supplier in dropshipping

Why Drop-Shipping?

First you will be able to generate my income from home with the products you want, in the rhythm that you want without constraint of schedule or hierarchy. You will be your own boss (with the constraints that this brings).

You can also do this in addition to your daily business, time to test the market and achieve enough sales to get you started in 100%.

You will be able to launch an activity with a risk and a minimum budget (between 0 and 1500 € in all !!!).