illustration Slider for your cms pages

Slider for your cms pages

Why choose this module?

With our module the opportunity to add a slideshow on your responsive CMS pages is finally at hand.

You will be able to cheer him through your CMS pages with this fully responsive slider!

Many options are available for each slider as the ability to manage the position, number, order, scrolling speed and pause time of your slides.

But also the possibility, for each slider, to assign a title, description, and add links to direct your visitors to pages that suit you.

Automatic scrolling options, and / or dial and / or arrow are also available.

Get a unique atmosphere to your various CMS pages and reassure your visitors in their buying process.

This module must be installed on your e-shop to make it even more unique and therefore increase your sales.
Module options

- Supplementing or not a slider on each of your CMS pages
- Select the photos that appear in your various slideshows,
- Change the order of the images,
- Select the width of the slider,
- Set the scroll speed
- Ability to automatically scroll or not a slide,
- Select the type of scroll arrow or slides by dialing
- Each of your slides may contain a title and description as well as the opportunity to return to another page with a previously selected link.

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