Module Prestashop

Checking the validity of the password

This module allows you to impose a change of password to the user if his last connection or his last change of password is too old.

This module is an added security to the use of your shop by your customers.
It allows you to set a maximum elapsed period between two logins and two password changes. If one of the two periods is exceeded then the password change is imposed on the user.
In addition, an additional feature verifies that the new password entered is different from other passwords entered in the past, thus resulting in an error and a new entry request if a match is found.
  • Activate / Deactivate the module
  • Entry of the period elapsed between two connections.
  • Entry of the period elapsed between two password changes.
  • Entry of the number of passwords on which a verification of user input is made.
  • Display of a message to the customer indicating that one of the two periods has elapsed and requires that he change his passwor
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