Module Prestashop

Update tracking number, status... of your bulk orders

This module allows you to update different information of one or more orders (tracking number, status, carrier etc.).
Our module allows you to import your order tracking in a file in CSV format.In one click, you can now update various information of an order such as the carrier, the tracking number, the status or the weight.
You can choose the information you want to update very easily via the module settings.
Our module gives you the choice between manual or automatic import via an FTP server.
You have at your disposal a history of imports allowing you to follow the thread of your shipments.
Tickets services
We intervene as soon as possible

It is sometimes necessary to intervene in an emergency agency to make changes to your Prestashop store. With the intervention ticket, Ether Creation, Prestashop solution expert, is committed to working on your shop during the day.

Installation and / or modification of a module, Adaptation of a theme, correction of graphic bugs, Graphic creation, Creation of an option or a feature, Training in the use of Prestashop, Etc.