illustration Making available files for your customers

Making available files for your customers

You need to provide some file to download to your customers so they can download at their leisure in their account, share some fichers to a specific group of customers, provide information to your VIP clients?

This module will allow you to upload files that your customers will eventually end up in the "My Account"

You can also decide to inform your customers by email that unpublished document is available!

Enter a name for your files and categories according to the available languages ​​in your store.
Ideal for document types:
- Catalogue
- Newsletter
- Manuals
- Warranty
etc ...

Add or delete files independently for each client.
- Functional multiboutique.
- Functional Multi-Language.
- Works with all types of documents.
- Add or remove files for each client separately.
- Add files for a group of clients
- Send an email automatically notifying the customer that a document is available

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