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Protect Content

Why choose this module?

With the Protect Content module you will have the chance to protect the contents of your e-shop against plagiarism by removing the copy of your content.

You can also choose to let your visitors think they can just copy your content on your site. But they will not know that Protect Content is in place and that it will replace the contents copied by copyright on any copied content from your site.

Protect Content finally gives you the ability to prohibit the right click / copy and the keyboard shortcut CTRL + C to secure images and texts your content.

You can also decide to let this happen while incrementing a line of text you want to add the source of the text.

This module is a must-have for your shop to secure your data and / or increase your SEO through a link to your site when your content is copied.

Module options

- Prohibiting the right click
- Prohibit the keyboard shortcut CTRL + C
- Add a line to the clipboard of the person who copy your text to indicate its source.

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