illustration EAN 13 barcodes scanner

EAN 13 barcodes scanner

The Ec Ean13 Scan module allows you to process chain scanned ean13 by your barcode reader, without having to click and thus increase or decrease the stock of this product with ease.

A table showing your latest transactions stock is refreshed each scans and allows you to have an eye on your work and you can record actions performed in csv format.

And thanks to this module you can also make a complete inventory of your shop. Similarly, Ean scan of your products and a summary table will allow you to monitor the number of items counted compared to the registered stock. Buttons allow you to add or remove an item count in case of problems for not having to start over.

The report inventory is kept even if you change pages, so you can resume later. For products being in stock gap, a button allows you to update the current stock by replacing the number counted for the given product.

Finally, it is possible to export the inventory csv with the possibility of having only products with standard stock or scanned all products. But also, add your entire catalog with the number of products counted to zero for the product not scanned, so you're sure not to forget!

This module is crucial for your stock management, because you simply will reveal its accuracy and better restock you to avoid breaking unexpected stock!

So your stocks will be just as much for the simple stock management as advanced with multi-warehouse!


- Scan an read ean13 barcodes
- Incrementing stock
- Decrement of stock
- inventory
- Report
- multiwarehouse

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