illustration Cross selling / manually linking products

Cross selling / manually linking products

With this module you will be able to cross-sell by linking each of your products with all the products of your choice. Thus, you are master to choose the products you want to promote together! Selected products can appear on the pop-up add to cart and / or at the bottom of the product page. It is also possible to display them in the order summary by choosing a selection of specific products, those related to the final product or added to all basket products. Taking the design of your theme, if you choose many products, these will be displayed as a slideshow. The products offered have a returning button on the product page, but especially the ability to directly add it to cart, which is crucial to increase your sales!

Characteristics :

Linking products
Cross-sell Choose products to associate each product
Display products on the pop-up add to cart and / or at the bottom of the product page
Display products in the order summary, related to the latest product added or to all the products add to cart button and product details
The products are displayed in a slideshow
Compatible multilingual and multi shops

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