illustration Price rule by product / category / brand

Price rule by product / category / brand

EC Rule permmet Price change in mass selling prices of the products in your shop. Through an intuitive interface we guarantee a quick start.

Our streamlined design ensures perfect readability of important information.

Our features are:

- Manual update of a rule
- Automatic update when creating / editing product  

For manual update simply select the rule to apply and validate its application.

For example: modification of the sale price from the sale price of products in the category "Bottles", a rate of 5%. The automatic update can change the prices of products during their creation or modification.

For example: your import module does not reflect the margins you want, EC Price Rule can change these prices according to your criteria from the purchase price.

The program will review your chart rules and apply the first rule that applies to the product. For example: adding household products, the first rule of your table changes the food and the second household products.

The rule will be applied automatically will be the second.

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