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Psychological price

Ec Psychological Price is a tool to change the wholesales price to obtain a psychological selling price Tax Incl.

The psychological price or psychological pricing is the theoretical price at which the sales of a product could be maximum depending psychological thresholds facing the consumer.
The psychological price may also appoint a price that voluntarily is below a psychological threshold or falling round for small amounts (€ 9,999, € Just 2 ...).

This module allows you choose your price simply and intuitively. This interface is divided into several areas :

  • The choice of the number before the decimal point
  • The choice of the number after the decimal point
  • And the rounding method
  • Near
  • Over
  • Below

Once your settings done, each to be changed or added will be price Tax Incl be amended to stuck at the price you choose.

This module will then allow you to better manage your sale price Tax Incl, ti improve your sales.

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