illustration BTSWholesaler : Cosmetic and perfumery supplier

BTSWholesaler : Cosmetic and perfumery supplier

Here at BTSWholesaler we have been working since 2009 to grow your beauty, perfumery and parapharmacy business.
We currently have more than 17,000 permanent stock references from more than 600 brands. All our references have EAN (European Article Number) codes and we only work with new and original products.
Whether you have a small business and need to replenish stock at a competitive price or whether you need large quantities, you can get it at our purchase centre. And of course, you will also have the latest products on the market.

At BTSWholesaler we know that logistics is an important factor, so we take care of transporting the merchandise to your business, wherever it is.
Get in touch with us, sign up and watch your business grow.

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