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Shipping Rules

Ec Shipping Rules disables the products according to their height, width, depth, weight. Finished products that are not accepted by your carriers. This module allows you to facilitate your logistics.
It also allows you to associate a carrier for your package and the customer will be guided in choosing are carrier. For this, it just enough for you to choose your carrier, the additional price for delivery costs as well as the height, width, depth, weight for our module combines all the products included in this rule the desired carrier.
The module that we propose is very effective for the merchant doing dropshipping. Thus ended the oversize products posing problem will not be visible to the customer.

The module is designed in two parts:

  • Disabling products

  • Association of carriers and transport costs to products

When you want to deactivate your product you will just start off proccess manually or through planned tasks.

When you want to associate carriers to products you simply create the rules you want and manually start or poccessus then use planned tasks.

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