illustration Cherry Checkout : Your socially responsible contest

Cherry Checkout : Your socially responsible contest

The power recognized contests
This module developed by Cherry Checkout, organizes contests as raffles for your e-commerce site. Your customers add the Cherry Checkout option on the summary page of their order and make payment as usual. Participation costs between € 1 and 5 as the basket amount. When the number of participants reached 300, a draw is done and the winner will be reimbursed for his shopping cart. The good news? Once the module is installed you will rest to you, we support the organization of the draw and reimbursement, ensuring security and integrity. Take advantage of the efficiency of our new generation contests to increase your conversion rate!

And this is for a good cause
The mission is to innovate Checkout Cherry harvest donations to make it more effective. 50% of the money collected will be donated to the charity of your choice. Thus, participants who have not earned can console themselves by their contribution to charity. With Cherry Checkout, the important thing is to participate.


Most for your customers

- They have a chance to win their shopping cart.
- They contribute to help essential cause, and have this good feeling every time they do their shopping on your site.
- They need only one click to donate and be reimbursed the purchase.

The + for you
- Make your customer loyal. Receive a free product is a positive experience that turns a lambda client a real fan.
- You will help a cause that is dear to you, in a simple and efficient way.

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