illustration Ecopresto Addons Prestashop Dropshipping

Ecopresto Addons Prestashop Dropshipping

Ecopresto® is the leading marketplace for dropshipping in Europe.

Ecopresto® acts as a trusted intermediary between the suppliers and the retailers who distribute the products on their website. As such, Ecopresto® has neither stock nor logistical solution: parcels are shipped directly by the suppliers to the final customers.

The role of Ecopresto® is:
• promote dropshipping among professional players (suppliers and distributors),
• to select suppliers admitted to Ecopresto® based on strict criteria of reliability and to make their catalog accessible on a single website guaranteeing real-time updating of data (stocks and prices in particular),
• to negotiate preferential and exclusive rates for resellers for Ecopresto®.
• guarantee delivery in accordance with the supplier's promise.

We assist resellers in their efforts with suppliers listed on Ecopresto® and support their requests.

In a nutshell: our team simplifies your sourcing!

In order to guarantee quality service, we select the distributors of our suppliers.

If you want to launch your site or develop your business, contact us from this address:!

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